Alice Orchestra

Musicians on the recording

  • Naomi Jean (lead vocal, percussion and flutes) 
  • Natalia Mann (harp, vocal)  
  • Stephane David (keyboards)
  • Jules Bernable (electric bass)
  • Damien Ravnich (drums)
  • Jacques Dudon (tampura)
  • Robin Celse (electric guitar)

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Recording track list

  1. Midnight Caravan
  2. Bubbaly
  3. Mint Morok
  4. Be Still

Alice Orchestra: release info

2010, unreleased

Alice Orchestra is led by singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Naomi Jean. The compositions float between non-localised folk (audible influences from Indonesia, Ireland and Ethiopia for example ); and experimental jazz - of the spacious and psychedelic varieties. 


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