"Art Is Life" Improvisation Workshop NZ Tour

Saturday 13, April 2019

This April in Aotearoa - I am very happy to be coming home to give intensive improvisation workshops around the country, a project initiated by the New Zealand Harp Society. Registrations are open now. Read more for dates and towns.

Register: www.nzharpsociety.org/event3334376
Sa, 13 April - North of Auckland / Snells Beach
Su, 14 April - Auckland
Th, 18 April - Tauranga (evening)
Fr, 19 April - Palmerston North (afternoon/evening)
Mo, 22 April - Wellington
Sa, 27 April - Nelson
Su, 28 April - Christchurch

“In this workshop I want to give you as much information as I can on how to improvise creatively.  By the end of it I hope you’ll walk away feeling confident to freestyle and make-it-up.  Learn how to use simple skills to adapt to different types of music, to compose on your own and play with others.  To play spontaneously, discovering freedom and depth in music is so much fun, and I look forward to sharing this art with you.”

Natalia x



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