David Jones & Friends - Meditations on Love

Press quotes

 The emphasis is on setting and sustaining a mood on each piece ; it would be easy to dismiss the music as ‘new age' noodling, but the sensitivity and imagination displayed by all hands in their improvisations are exceptional.
~ Adrian Jackson, From The Bulletin

Musicians on the recording

  • David Jones (percussion)
  • Tony Gould (piano)
  • James Morrison (trumpet)
  • Bob Sedergreen (keyboards)
  • Evripides Evripidou (electric bass)
  • Fiona Burnett (soprano saxophone)
  • Ben Robertson (double bass)
  • Michael Conolan (cello)
  • Carmen Warrington (meditation commentary)
  • Brian Brown (electronic saxophone)
  • Christine Sullivan (vocal)
  • Natalia Mann & Michael Johnson (celtic harps)
  • David Hirschfelder (piano)


David Jones & Friends - Meditations on Love: release info

ABC Atmospheres, 2006

This beautiful recording examines the state of love and unity using a wide variety of musicians and instrumentation. The recording of this album was facilitated by Brahma Kumari meditation techniques upon each of the themes.

An internationally renowned virtuoso of the drumkit, David Jones began his career playing in a high-energy style that left no doubt as to his prowess. In more recent years, Jones has mellowed in his musical approach, at the same time becoming a devotee of meditation, and he combines his two passions on this album.

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