'De Marseille a La Lune' - Leda Atomica Musique, Marseille Festival, Provence Tour, November 19-24, France

Saturday 30, November 2013

'From Marseille to the Moon' with the baroque-rock experimental art music pioneers of Marseille - Leda Atomica Musique. 'De Marseille a La Lune' featured artists from Albania, New Zealand, Corsica and France. Musical director Phil Spectrum, famous for his punk sensibilities, conceived a Marseillaise 'revue', a French term which describes a performance comprising a mixture of things, this time designed for everyone. Spiced improvisations and baroque themes in this modern cross-genre orchestration flavoured a backdrop of early experimental films including George Melies, Fritz Lang, Emile Cohl, and the Lumiere Brothers who made their first experiments just near Marseille circa 1892. Actor Jean-Claude Martin played the Pierrot inspired poetic captain of a ship sailing to the moon...


'De Marseille a La Lune' brought together an unusual group of performers, involving musicians from Albania - Fatos Querimaj (violin/clarinet) , New Zealand - Natalia Mann (harp), Corsica - Martial Paoli(piano) with Marseille contra-tenor Alain Aubin, actor Jean-Claude Martin, and the Leda Atomica Musique team - Marie Demon (contralto/theremin) , Phil Spectrum (keyboards/ synths) and Alain Bordes (Unidentified Sonorous Obects). 


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