Elf Tranzporter - Ethereal Lotus Fleet

Musicians on the recording

  • DJ Wasabi
  • Jolistics & Count Bounce (TZU)
  • Monkey Marc
  • Maya Jupiter
  • Mista Savona
  • Supina
  • Rustum Baig  
  • Natalia Mann

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Recording track list

  1. Elf Land
  2. Here it Comes...
  3. Eternal Life
  4. Force Mere
  5. Words Dawn (Hush!)
  6. I Awoke
  7. Path Stretch
  8. How We Roll
  9. Flip The Now
  10. Think Tent
  11. Let Go
  12. Custom Religion
  13. Blessed Up
  14. Keep On Moving
  15. Warrior Code
  16. Warrior Code (Philzo Mix)
  17. Alive & Well

Elf Tranzporter - Ethereal Lotus Fleet: release info

independent, 2007

Elf Tranzporter is a hiphop artist born in Los Angeles who now lives in Melbourne, Australia. A founding member of one of Australia's early legendary underground hip hop acts MetaBass'n'Breath, Marlon Porter (aka: Elf Tranzporter), has earned a healthy reputation throughout the music theater and spoken word/poetry scene for his 'heart-core' lyricism, homemade instrumentation and cypher-driven beatbox skills. 

Elf Tranzporter's first solo LP entitled Ethereal Lotus Fleet (2007) continues to draw rave reviews.

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