Gallery Sessions

Resonance music responds to the universal idea that all the world is vibration, a common truth for indigenous lore and modern science. As musicians we work with vibration and therefore can engage with subtle frequencies, bringing them to an audible, shareable level.  These frequencies contain information which we can then consider through the emotive language of music - listening and thinking with the heart.  When inner listening connects with creative force, quantum shifts occur and we begin to learn the languages of art and nature, heart and spirit. Resonance music is a deeply connective journey of discovery. 



Contemplating how to interpret a metal sculpture into sound.

Performing sculptures by Michael Snape at Australian Galleries, Sydney


Interpreting artworks began as a synaesthetic pursuit, studying interpretation of colour, texture and line in sound.  Through many experiments, I've found that visual art and sculpture resonance is directly transferable to music.  Everything from weaving to metal to pencil to oil can be tangibly translated into sound.  There is a constant sense of surprise and challenge in successful readings, and that's how you know you're on the right track.  That's where we find the new music, and it's fun!  

I use a combination of inner listening to hear the subtle frequencies, graphic score interpretation for the textural surface of the image, synaesthesia to apply tones to colours, compositional understanding to balance the information into music, and improvisation to bring it all together in the moment.  Oh, and the essential element which transports one into the realm of music - spirit.



Natalia Mann harp & Deline Briscoe voice perform interpretations of paintings at Kickarts Gallery

Performing with Deline Briscoe at the Centre of Contemporary Arts, Cairns.







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