Ensemble of Art & Resonance

Resonance music responds to the universal idea that all the world is vibration.  If so, then as musicians we can engage with that.  Using the language of art and nature, and the language of heart and spirit, resonance music is a deeply connective journey of discovery. 

The Ensemble of Art & Resonance - EAR - is a new initiative which brings artists and musicians together to explore and activate the creative concept of resonance.  

At their launch in Cairns 2018 the EAR (comprising Natalia Mann harp, Mike Rivett saxophone, Leon Tussie drums, Victor Steffensen guitar) gave live musical interpretaions to : paintings by Samuel Tupou projected onto a full size movie screen; Bonemap intermedia dance & digital image set; and the natural images behind Indigenous activator Victor Steffensen. The launch included Resonance Anthology in short film & dance by Sio F. Tusa, and presentation by Plant Based Native food artist Lia Pa'apa'a.

The EAR look forward to more amazing collaborations with artists, connecting with resonance artists across Australasia and the world, to produce exciting new music & art dialogues.  The EAR have a wealth of interpretive knowledge to share through public workshops.  

Watch this space! 


Natalia Mann © 2012; designed by design4music.org