Fames Croisees 2017, Vendredi 10 mars a 20h et Samedi 11 mars a 18hr, Residence at Centre Culturel du Mont-Dore

Thursday 02, February 2017

International Womens Day 2017: Tyssia Wahnawe brings together musicians and women singers from different perspectives; singers, musicians, mothers, sisters in an exchange and sharing of music. The artists include Angéla Boucko, lullaby and fervent defender songs IAAI languages (Loyalties Island), caring for the children of her island. Rosi Garrido, a Brazilian singer who lives recently in New Caledonia and involved in the fight against breast cancer. Edelo & Amelan from Nengoné Island, Marianne Cahnemez, Yaya, singers from North of New caledonia, Aurelie Hamaide. Ela To'omaga Samoan artist weaver, and poet Marie Tamole, contemporary dance and an exhibition of paintings. Don't forget the amazing bands behind the women!

Together with Ela To'omaga, we're creating a new work based around weaving and sound corresponding to the movements of weaving.  This is an interesting and exciting new dimension for our collaboration which gently evolves over the years.  As well, I'll have the pleasure to create music for a stunning poem by Marie Tamole with contemporary dance, and to collaborate with other musicians including Marianne Cahnemez, on their songs.

This is a very special residency for me and I feel very priveleged to be invited back to friends in New Caledonia by Association SIAPO artists collective. <3


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