Grace Vanilau, vocalist/poet/spoken word

There has never been a time when Grace cannot remember singing. 

Her earliest memories are of her extended family sitting around with various instruments singing island and gospel songs… eating and singing some more.  Grace started her singing career in church.  At a very early age she began traveling throughout New Zealand and overseas with her family, performing in gospel rallies and conventions.

Grace graduated from Puawai - Polynesian Performing Arts School, Christchurch in 1990, and began performing, recording and touring with various artists and soul bands.  She worked and performed with Arts group Pacific Underground for many years before migrating to Melbourne in 1996.  Later she formed the award winning trio Suga, and the Brown Roots Collective.  Recently she has developed her skills in creative writing, poetry  and spoken word. 

A Community Cultural Development practitioner, she is an active member of the Melbourne Pacific contemporary and traditional arts movements.  She is a founding member of the Brown Roots Collective – a movement of contemporary Pacific Artists which encourage the passing on of knowledge and living culture, through natural platforms "the arts". She is a member of the Pacific Womens' Weaving Circle.

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