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Harp is well known it's therapeutic relaxing and healing effects. I love engaging with people and music in this way.


Harp and Yoga is beautiful.  The harp has the effect of making the yoga and mediations go easier, softening the mind and body. The jewel comes at the end, once your prana is flowing and you're centred in your supple body, there is an energy which flows through the room, and the music flows in it.  

I take pleasure in the art of following movement and breath, maintaining an aesthetic, peaceful environment with the harp music, for the sacred practice of yoga.  I bring in the resonance music of plants and trees which are like 


Bookings are essential.

Yorkey's Yoga Studio with Jade for full moon evenings in 2018, Yorkey's Knob, Cairns.  6-7:30pm  (28 June, 28 July, 26 Aug, 25 Sept, 25 Oct, 23 Nov)


Palm Cove Yoga with Cathrena for new moon dates in Palm Cove, Cairns. 6-8pm (June 14, Aug 11, Sept 10, Oct 9, Nov, 8, Dec 7) 

Address available upon booking. 


The Tanks with Cathrena, 3rd Wednesday of each month July, August, September. 6pm

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