Dine Doneff / Kostas Theodorou, double bass

Dine Doneff / Kostas Theodorou, double bass - visit the website

Dine Doneff, better known by his Greek name Kostas Theodorou, is native to northern Greece (Macedonia), and has been a strong presence in the Greek music scene since the early 80s in jazz and traditional music.  Prolific leader, composer, and arranger in his own right, he has released a number of albums (including Rousilvo, Echotopia).  He also played as bassist and multi-instrumentalist for over 50 albums, including Savina Yannatou & Primavera en Salonico on the ECM label. 

Check also: www.myspace.com/kostastheodorou and http://soundcloud.com/dine-doneff

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