Lila Meleisea, multi-instrumentalist / sound artist

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Lila’s creative and musical practices have been extensive and diverse. She has performed and worked with big bands, little bands orchestras and experimental outfits. She has also travelled and performed in New Zealand, Bangkok, Liverpool, and Salvador, Brazil. Since graduating from Victoria College of the Arts in 1997, on alto and baritone saxophone, she has developed skills as a multi-instrumentalist and performs using many ethnic instruments including African Kora, mbira and percussion, experimental musical instruments, and electronics.

Her fascination with the myriad of rhythms and frequencies of sound found in the natural world inspires her to create sound pieces too. Her most recent work 'Immersion' was presented at LARQ (Landscape Art Research Queenstown) as a collaborative project with Lorraine Biggs based on the landscape of the Vale of Belvoir – a conservation area in the north west highlands of Tasmania.

Inspired by the natural beauty and lifestyle, Lila bases herself in St. Helens, on the East Coast of Tasmania where she conducts creative music workshops for children and is an active member of the local arts council. She is also a core member of Tasmanian group the Chordwainers, who play artist Garry Greenwood’s musical leather sculptures.

Drawing upon her dual island identities of Tasmania and Samoa, she takes joy in contributing her many musical voices to help create Suga’s unique sound and mix of beautiful songs from around Polynesia.

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