New recordings...

Thursday 15, November 2012

This week we went over to Deneyevi Studios and recorded new music for new albums. Dine Doneff, Izzet Kizil, Robert Reigle and myself ... For me, playing with these musicians is a real thrill, they are so creative on their instruments, and very experienced players. I had a ball. In the studio we played with conceptual ideas and directions, but for me the essence of the session was about each musician doing what he/she felt at that very moment, catching art in real time - communing with 'now'. It wasn't exactly easy sometimes - preconceptions, judgements and habits crept in, and we would have to refocus. But you know when you hit 'now', because everything miraculously makes sense and it feels fresh as crunchy vegetables straight out of the ground. Thanks to all the musicians and also to our able sound engineer Emre, and to Emrah and Ergin at Deneyevi.

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