Mann + Nunns journey

Harp and Taonga Puoro create intricate and dynamic soundscapes as these improvisors navigate the void.


Richard Nunns' instruments are intricately carved flutes and stones known as Taonga Puoro - 'singing treasures'.  They are the extensive and sophisticated sound world of the Maori, the indigenous people of Aotearoa-New Zealand.  Dr Nunns is regarded as the living authority on Taonga Puoro, having been a primary figure in the revival of this sound-world from very near extinction. In my view, it is a triumphant example of the freejazz spirit that through a process of experimentation and intuition, this beautiful musical tradition has been reclaimed.  In turn, the manner of performance of these pure-form instruments is one of meditation, subtlety, and intuitive spontaneity.  I respectfully acknowledge the culture, the memories, the many years of research with Hirini Melbourne, Brian Flintoff and the growing community which now breathe this tradition.   

photograph by Özlem Karacaoğlu 

Richard Nunns and Natalia Mann met in 2005 in Istanbul, Turkey, first peforming together at MIAM Istanbul Teknik University in a trio with Izzet Kizil.  They performed and recorded alongside Islak Kopek, and with saxophonist/ ethnomusicologist Robert Reigle and Korhan Erel.  They have an ongoing recording project, a sort of meeting of minds, with Erkan Ogur, Izzet Kizil, Derya Turkan and Kalan Muzik. They have performed together in Istanbul, Wellington, Ireland and London.  

In New Zealand 2013 they embarked on the album 'Mercury' as a trio with David Long... a project which I'm very excited about... watch this space! 


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