“Suga” Natalia Mann

Three Samoan women explore the musical essence of Polynesia. Their deep respect for each other and for the music of their ancestors has brought them together to explore and create a new sound in Pacific music.

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“” Natalia Mann (Pasifik-Istanbul collaborations and peaceful thinkers) is a project created by Natalia Mann and Izzet Kizil.

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Natalia Mann Trio

“Natalia Mann Trio” Natalia Mann

"...a stellar package of inspired contemporary improvisation with a world-music twist." - A.Ivanoff, Today's Zaman

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Mann + Nunns journey

“Mann + Nunns journey” Natalia Mann

Harp and Taonga Puoro create intricate and dynamic soundscapes as these improvisors navigate the void.

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Space Harp no.1 - installation

“Space Harp no.1 - installation” Natalia Mann

Space Harp no.1 is an installation. Utilising the chance composition techniques of John Cage, the room is strung in cosmic proportions. A silent work.

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Medusa Ensemble

“Medusa Ensemble” Natalia Mann

Exploring space and conceptual music as art, The Medusa Ensemble are composer/improvisational performers of Ros Bandt’s electro-acoustic symphony, Medusa Dreaming.

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