Southern Bells Cadaques 2012

Musicians on the recording

  • Aysu Cogur
  • Natalia Mann
  • Naomi Jean

Recording track list

  1. Mulatu (Naomi Jean)
  2. Sea and Destiny  (Aysu Cogur)
  3. Time (N.Mann/N.Jean)
  4. Space and Landscape (N.Mann/A.Cogur/R.Bandt)
  5. Bubbaly (N.Jean)
  6. Greenstones (N.Mann)
  7. Diyarlar (A.Cogur)
  8. The Train (A. Cogur)
  9. When Once the Birds (N.Mann)

Southern Bells Cadaques 2012: release info

independent (2012), genre: world / fusion

Southern Bells are collaborations by some antipodean artists dwelling on the European continent.  This album features Aysu Cogur, Naomi Jean and Natalia Mann, who met in Melbourne. This CD is a limited edition of 60 printed for the Southern Bells concert at the historic Eglesias de Santa Maria, in Cadaques, Spain, May 2012.

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