Space Harp no.1 - installation

Photo by N Mann

Space Harp no.1 is an installation. Utilising the chance composition techniques of John Cage, the room is strung in cosmic proportions. A silent work.


Space Harp No 1Space Harp no 1 Installation

Space harp no.1Space Harp No 1

Space Harp no1 Space Harp No 1

For a long time I've had the desire to extend the harp off of the soundboard and into the space around me.  When artist Sarah Granett suggested I create something in her studio, the reality was kindled.

My recent studies about John Cage with MIAM ethnomusicologist Robert Reigle resulted in an enthusiasm for Cage's chance techniques which centred around the I-Ching.

Space Harp no.1 was constructed using over a thousand 'yes/no' questions and randomly selected numbers.   The results were organic, rhythmic like stars.  The colours, materials, densities, and silence were all selected through chance operations.

The installation exhibited for three hours, and was then destructed in performance by Aysu Cogur and others.  Cords stretched in all directions, clustered in galaxies, now set alight, releasing the space back to nothingness.

space harp no.1

Love and thanks to Sarah Granett, Milad Mohavedi, Izzet Kizil, Aysu Cogur, Robert Reigle, John Cage, the I Ching and everyone who joined the exhibition

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