The Fig Tree

Press quotes

"This CD accompanies a book, apparently about Greek and Jewish emigrant refugees who traveled to Australia after World War II and found homes there. The book also champions the cause of the new boat people, a source of considerable currently controversy in Australia. The dedication of the CD explicitly notes: "... and the woman who gave birth, on October 19, 2001, on a sinking boat en route from Indonesia to Australia. Along with 352 fellow asylum seekers, she, and her newborn child, did not make it...." In the largest sense, this album is dedicated to those who did make it, and seeks to remind them of their origins and the need to provide shelter to those who are now coming after.   ......   Musically, this album is a delightful sampler of musical traditions from around the world, most especially Greek and Jewish. ... "
Review by Ari Davidow.

Musicians on the recording


  1. Maria Farantouri
  2. Kavisha Mazella and band
  3. Costas Tsicaderis with Jacob Papdopoulos & Spiro Paoutsis
  4.  Anthea Sideropoulos and Irini Vela with Natalia Mann, Dan Richardson & others
  5. Klezmania
  6. Klezmeritis


Recording track list

  1. Doyna soundscape (trad.) 1:37
  2. The Song of Songs (words: Iakovos Kambanellis; music: Mikis Theodorakis) 5:26
  3. The Song of the Dawn (trad. Greek; arr. S. Peristeris) 3:53
  4. A Friendly Hand (words: M. Zable; music: d. Krycer) 2:26
  5. Anytime the wind can change (words: K. Mazzella & A. Zable; music: Kavisha Mazzella) 4:29
  6. One with the sea (Andreas Georgiou; arr. Irene Vela) 4:02
  7. Greek Dance (trad., Eastern Europe; arr. Klezmeritis) 5:08
  8. Evening Song (words: Itsik Manger; music: Chava Alberstein) 3:20
  9. the boat (trad. Greek; arr. C. Tsicaderis) 3:54
  10. Wedding sheets (Kavisha Mazzella) 3:15
  11. Fate (words: H. Osherowitz; music: Etl Kovenski) 3:06
  12. Slivovitz Czardas (trad., Hungary; arr. Klezmeritis) 3:14
  13. Madonna del Mare (K. Mazzella; arr. L. Buddle) 3:21
  14. I once loved a shepherdess (trad., Sephardic w/Greek lyrics) 3:59
  15. In a foreign land (Anthea Sidiropoulos) 3:06
  16. Doyna & freylekhs (trad., klezmer) 4:07
  17. Vulumbrella (anon. Italian/Neapolitan) 4:41
  18. I'll take off my shoes (words: Itsik Manger; music: Chava Alberstein) 3:34
  19. The mighty and the humble (words: Olga Best & C. Tsicaderis; music: Costas Tscicaderis) 4:11

The Fig Tree: release info

The Boîte 011, 2003, genre: greek / traditional / acoustic

Winner of the National Folk Recording Award 2004 Australia.    

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