From Iraq to New Zealand: The Golden Bull Lyre of Tauranga

Thursday 04, February 2016

The Golden Bulls Head Lyre is from the ancient Sumerian city of Ur located in present-day Iraq. NZ man John Knotts' lifelong dream was to create a replica of this sacred instrument. Working in collaboration with amazing artist Sundus Abdul Hadi (Montreal/Iraq) and performing together with taonga puoro player Jo’el Komene (Tauranga, NZ), we premiered the Golden Bull Lyre for this very special project, put on by the Incubator artspace.

The Incubator & Baycourt presents - The Lyre of Tauranga

April 2, 2016, 6pm at Baycourt Community Arts Centre in Tauranga, NZ
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Tauranga man John Knotts was inspired to create a replica of the sacred Bulls Head Lyre of Ur. His instrument joins an international collection of lyre replicas, many of which carry the message of peace.

The Lyre Of Ur is an ancient artefact from the Sumerian city of Ur located in present-day Iraq. The lyre of Ur is the oldest found harp in the world.

Harpist Natalia Mann will premiere the lyre in collaboration with Iraqi artist Sundus Abdul Hadi and joined by taonga puoro player Jo’el Komene. They will present a multi-media performance of music and art as a meditation on contemporary issues.

Sundus Abdul Hadi is a powerful and poignant voice among contemporary Iraqi artists. Natalia Mann is a New Zealand harpist known internationally for her contemporary approach. Jo’el Komene is a taonga puoro traditional Maori instrument player and cultural educator. Lyre maker John Knotts is a kaumatua of Ngai Tahu.

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