Unified Gecko - Gecko Kebab

Press quotes

"Hotted up Turkish tunes collide with reggae vibes and gypsy rhythms in an exhilarating east meets west fusion of music"

Musicians on the recording

  • Murat Yucel (lead vocals, guitar), 
  • Alisha Brooks (saxophone), 
  • Dan Richardson (flute), 
  • Tristan Ludowyk (trumpet), 
  • Natalia Mann (harp), 
  • Alex Savage (bass), 
  • Nicky Bomba (drums), 
  • Anita Larkin (percussion).  

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Recording track list

  1. Dane Dane
  2. Pınar Başı
  3. Yasu
  4. Köylü Güzeli
  5. Çilek Fasulye
  6. Ararım
  7. Yar Saçların
  8. Gidiyorum

Total time: 41:11

Unified Gecko - Gecko Kebab: release info

Independent, 2004

In early 2003, Unified Gecko evolved out of collaborations between traditional Turkish group Gece, led by Turkish-born singer/songwriter Murat Yucel, and Australian-based musicians of varied backgrounds - Samoan, Maltese, Dutch, Italian and Sri Lankan. With the groovemeister Nicky Bomba on drums, Natalia Mann on classical harp and a growling trumpet and sax section, they have created a uniquely Australian approach to Turkish music.

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