Upeti Jewels - "Fa'amanaia / To Adorn" Tautai Annual Art Exhibition 19 February - 15 March

Saturday 15, February 2014

'Upeti Jewels' launches a new collaboration between Ela To'omaga and Natalia Mann. In the exhibition entitled "Fa'amanaia / To Adorn" the two artists make a first step in exploration of the space of beauty and connection. To'omaga, a jeweller, weaver and sculptor, combines traditional Polynesian weaving technique - upeti - and form - mask - with contemporary material - copper - and expression. Mann's component, a short piece using harp and porotiti, explores the idea of sonic ornament in response to To'omaga's creation. Exhibited at the Artspace, 1 Ponsonby Rd, Auckland, NZ. Photo courtesy of Linda T.



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