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This entrancing and quite extraordinary collection of soundscapes ... presents daring and sometimes eerily evocative pieces which in places are delicate and refined (City of Green, Mercury) at one end of their spectrum and at the other sometimes quite surreal (Begin Again)... This is music which exists between the worlds of avant-art music, improv contemporary classical, soundtracks for films yet to be made and performances at sonic art festivals.   - Elsewhere.co.nz

Musicians on the recording

  • Richard Nunns (taonga puoro)
  • Natalia Mann (harp)
  • David Long (banjo, loops & effects)

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Recording track list

  1. Perilous Knowledge
  2. Old Shadows
  3. Spider Shell
  4. Upper Circle Lower Case
  5. Celestial Dog
  6. Mercury
  7. The Nearest Clear Liquid
  8. We Died Once
  9. City of Green
  10. Hidden Cameras
  11. Begin Again

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Rattle NZ 2017


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